Some Of Our Customers

Lisa, Franchise Studio Owner

Lisa went from 130 members to over 200 in just 8 weeks

Charles, Franchise Studio Owner

"When we started working with you we had 220 members, now we're well over 420 members"

Alesha, Gym Owner

"We tripled our cash collected so we can make improvements to the gym"

Ana, Franchise Studio Owner

"We actually can't keep up with the leads coming in."

Chris, Franchise Studio Owner

"He knows how to get people in your doors to really grow your business"

Tonya, Franchise Studio Owner

"We got 256 new leads in December alone"

Dustin, Multi Franchise Owner

"He's ran multiple campaigns... that have crushed it for us."

Ernie, Private Studio Owner

"I've never seen such a source of lead flow and it's great because it comes right to my phone."

Customer Reviews

Kevin at High Power Athletics
“This program has helped our gym more than any marketing we have tried in the past. Now we have a fully integrated system to get new people into our gym and an effective way to follow up with them. We are attracting new people every month and I’m not sure what we’d do without a system like this.” 
Tonya at Fit Body Boot Camp
"We've doubled our revenue since working with you!"

Tonya's Story:
Before working together, Tonya needed more consistency with her lead flow because she wanted to spend more time selling memberships rather than trying to market her business. After implementing our automated marketing system and working together for 3 months, she doubled her revenue!
Sheri at Fire Up Fitness Studio
"It was becoming very overwhelming and frustrating for me to see so much money spent online with so little in return. That's why I turned to One Stop Revenue. Not only have they helped me streamline my marketing & advertising objectives, they laid out a fast and effective plan for targeting my niche customer market more quickly and effectively... OSR has created a lead generation campaign that has not only increased business engagement with my core customers, but has helped me save hundreds of wasted dollars in advertising that was just not working!"
Russell at Fit Body Boot Camp
“We got approximately 160 paid challengers.”

Russell's Story:
Russell had an upcoming Grand Opening in 3 months. He wanted to start things on the right foot, so he started a Grand Opening campaign with One Stop Revenue. After 90 Days of advertising he opened his doors with over 1,000 leads and 160 paying customers for his first program ever!
Daniel at CrossFit Grinder
"Dan created a high conversion landing page and set up things like Zapier and Auto-Text Messaging to help automate the process. The best thing about working with Dan was how quickly he responded if I ever needed help with anything.”